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Hzt. Shaikh Muhammad Bava Usthad

Hazrath Sheikh Muhammad Bava Usthad is the Kalifa of Hzt. Yusuf Sulthan Shah Al Qadiri. Hazrath lives now in Valancheri, Malappuram Dist, in Kerala. At an early age of eight, Hazrath started to live with and learn from such foremost men and the folk of Allah, a man of deep understanding in all traditional sciences that come down from the prophet’s life and his teachings, Hazrath has acquired ‘Khilafath Nama’ of numerous spiritual ways (Tariqa) from different Mashaikhs.


Hazrat Sheikh Muhammed Bava Usthad was born on 25th of July 1957, at Vendallur, in the Panjayath of Irimbilium near Valanchery in Malappuram District. Hazrath’s Father passed away when he was still young on the 27th night of a holy Ramadan month. 

Hazrath was brought up with strong predilection for acquainting with great Sufi saints of his times from his younger years itself. Hazrath became disciple of Shaikh Sayyed Muhammad Albas Basheer(r) hailing from Chavakkad in Thrissur District in Kerala. Sayyed Basheer Thangal was Hazrath’s first Murshid and guide in the Sufi Path. 

Sayyed Basheer(r) has spent some intense years in the Adam Mountains in Ceylon, for more than a decade doing his spiritual exercises. Sayyed Basheer(r) was living away from customs of public life, so to follow him as a disciple was a difficult task for Hazrath, especially to remain as his disciple was a real test. Still Hazrath overcame this test. 

Sayyed Basheer Thangal’s presence was filled with esoteric knowledge and spiritual bliss. So Sayyed Basheer Thangal’s presence contributed a lot in preparing Hazrath’s personality to travel along way in his spiritual journey.

Hazrath showed more interest for martial arts, in his younger years. Hundreds arrived at Hazrath’s doorstep to become his disciple. Hazrath molded a new pattern for traditional martial arts (Kalari) and promoted the path of traditional martial arts. When Hazrath went for acquiring traditional martial arts skills in the Tamilian tradition, he achieved excellence in the traditional medical science also. Hazrath Usthad got to be the master and disciple of many both inside Kerala and out of the state.

After Hazrath Sayyed Albas Basheer(r) passed away, Hazrath became the disciple of Sayyed Muhammad Moula Bin Makki Saidar Pookkoya Thangal(r) who was leading a Sufi path living in Iyyad near Balussery in Kozhikode District in Kerala, India. Sayyed Pokkoya Thangal was a prominent Guide and Sufi master both in the Tariqas of Qadiriyya and Rifaeyya. This enriched the experience of this young lad as a disciple of Tasawwuf a lot. 

No sooner, Hazrath became well recognized Khalifa and proclaimed of successor of Sayyed Muhammad Moula Pookkoya Thangal. Sayyed Muhammad Moula Pookkoya Thangal predicted Hazrath Bava Usthad’s meeting with a great Sufi Saint four years after he would pass away from this world. And this Sufi saint of well repute will cause to complete the spiritual journey of Hazrath Bava Usthad. 

This prediction was realized well. On the fourth year after Sayyed Muhammad Moula Thangal left this material world, Hazrath Bava Usthad’s meeting with Qutubuzzaman Hazrath Sheikh Sufi Muhammad Yusuf Sultan Shah Qadiri happened. It was a time, Hazrath Sultan Shah Qadiri has settled in Kerala after a long span of spiritual journey. 

Hazrath Bava Usthad became one of the primary disciples of Sheikh Sultan Shah, and became thoroughly active in assisting Hazrat Sultan Shah in his propagation works of Kalima-e-Thayyiba. Hazrath Bava Usthad was one of the founding leaders of Jeelani Study Centre, which was established with the purpose of helping Hazrath Sultan Shah for propagation works. 

Hazrath Bava Usthad rendered a great role in coordinating and founding the Jeelani Masjid at Valanchary, Kerala. Hazrath was bestowed with Khilafath Nama by Hazrat Shaikh Sultan Shah Qadiri on the occasion of Khilafath Conference held in 2002.

When Hazrath Sultan shah faced enmity from conservative Ulema people, Hazrath Bava Usthad was in the forefront to fight against them. Hazrath is also the founding leader of Sultaniya Foundation which was established to extend the scope of Hazrath Sultan Shah’s propagation works.

Sultaniya Foundation is secured in the hands of Hazrat Usthad at each step of its progress. And the institute named Hzt Nizamuddin Institute for Studies on Thassawwuf was running under the auspices of Hazrath Bava Usthad. He was the foundation upon which the institute was built upon. 

On the convocation ceremony of 19 Mahbubi Students of this institute, the Ulema leadership of Delhi honored the great personalities of Qutubuzzaman Hazrath Sheikh Sufi Muhammad Yusuf Sultan Shah Qadiri and Hazrath Muhammad Bava Usthad with honorary degrees. 

Hazrath Usthad also led from forefront in fighting against conservative Ulema Association, when they issued Fatwa against Hazrath Sultan Shah. Many publications were issued, programs conducted under Hazrath’s great leadership. All the publications released were by Sultaniya Foundation, to introduce Hazrath Sultan Shah and defend his adversaries were all the intellectual products of Hazrath Bava Usthad. 

Hazrath Bava Usthad also took part in the establishment of Hazrath Sultan Shah’s Centre for Activities (Asthana) at Aluva, Cochin by the name of Jeelani Shareef. Hazrat Bava Usthad has a richness of disciples from many walks of life. Many prominent figures in other states of India and Gulf countries also achieved the path of Thouheed at the Blessed Hands of Hazrat Bava Usthad.