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Mission - Sulthaniya Foundation

There has come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. It grieves him that you suffer: he is full of anxious concern over you and full of compassionate kindness and mercy for the believers.” (Holy Quran, Chapter No: 09, Verse No: 128)

Sulthaniya Foundation is a nonprofit charitable trust registered under the Societies Acts Registration of India. It works towards socio-cultural, economic and political upliftment of the society and spiritual, intellectual growth of humanity. Its mission covers all humanitarian and philanthropic activities. It has many branches throughout India and abroad.

Via all these initiatives Sulthaniya Foundation strives to fight against and all kinds of hatred and discrepancies in the name of caste and creed. Foundation propounds every human being to find the inner peace inside him. This was preached by rightly guided messengers of Almighty God, and their Successors. Foundations advises all humans to follow the steps of these messengers and their real successors here. The path to God is human heart. “The heart of Believer is the Seat of God". Sulthaniya Foundation helps everybody to strive for and reach at this mission. This mission was sought after by great messengers, saints and their genuine Successors. And we follow the path of great Thouhidi Tradition to realize this mission.