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Divine Love

This time our Master began to tell the tale of a prophet. He was an Israelite prophet. One of the successors to the children of Prophet Yaqub(s). He was the prophet of his Society.

One day, a lady came to meet him and complained of not bearing any child even after years of married life. Prophet asked the lady to give him some time. Using his prophetic vision of Almighty God’s Sacred Record, the prophet confirmed himself the chances of bearing children for lady in the future. There was no chance of child for her in the records. The prophet informed this lady about her reality and consoled her that nobody can change the destiny, decreed by Almighty.

Undoubtedly, this lady was a true believer and she left the prophet’s presence bursting in tears of sorrow. While she was returning home back to her country, she heard one faqir calling to the world from a lonely place on the path. His figure attracted her, he had no much clothes to wear and his body language talked of deep hunger and starvation. She approached him to hear what he was maiming. A few words came out of his lips. She could hear him now.

“One child for one bread, one child for one bread…”

He was maiming these words as a recitation. Our lady felt very sorry for him. She gave him all the breads left with her that she kept for her journey. Faqir fairly accepted her breads and prophesied the coming of six children for her. The lady went home extremely happy.

Years and days and passed by. The lady is mother of six children now. She intended to visit the prophet of her society once again. She met him. The prophet identified her. “Whose children these are?” He was thoroughly surprised. The lady confessed her entire story to him.

After the lady has left, the prophet posed his complaint in the presence of Almighty God. “I am the prophet of Society, how anybody else could know the decree which is not even written on Sacred Record Book”

Almighty God admonished the prophet to undergo one test to find out the man behind this story. Almighty demanded the prophet to fetch a person who can deliver some pieces of human meat for the sake of Almighty Allah. The prophet took up this job.

The prophet searched with all concerned persons that who can contribute one pound of human meat for the sake of Almighty. He found none among his men, or other folk of Allah, or his followers. Nobody was there.

When the prophet was in a journey in search of his target, he found a faqir in the corner of a mountain side. He was sitting there alone. Prophet approached this faqir. No sooner, the faqir posed the question “aren’t you the prophet of this society”.

“How could you know, I haven’t met you before”. Faqir responded with another question “what question is bothering you?” The prophet confessed his pledge with Almighty God, that he barely need somebody who can provide some pieces of human meat for the sake of Almighty.

Sooner, the faqir blushed with happiness. “Is this demand from my Sustainer?”

“I am ready to give you the meat. Did Almighty ask you which part of the body?”

The prophet answered “No”. “So take pieces from all parts of my body, I want to fulfill the demand of my Sustainer”

The prophet was really shocked; he produced his knife to take a piece of meat from faqir’s body, but from which part he could cut the meat.

Suddenly the prophet heard a decree from Heaven “Oh, my prophet... You cannot even touch his any part. Those are my Real Slaves. When I demand them, they give out anything at their disposal. So when they ask me, I give them out instantly.

I asked you one piece of meat. You could have given me that piece. But I have some beloved slaves. They can change my decrees when the wish”.

The prophet once again turned to see the faqir and to know him. But he was no longer there. The tale was over. I remembered well the words of my Master. “Almighty Allah has some Slaves. No prophet, no Angel, No Man will know them. But they are always in the presence of Almighty.”

Askar Mahboobi