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Tale of Maruf Al Karkhi (R)

Sheikh Maruf al Kharki(R) was born into a family of Christian descent. Both of his parents were ardent Christian believers. They sent their young kid to a Christian school. Teacher of moral sciences was teaching on principles of Trinity to the students. But of all the kids only the young Kharki looked very unhappy. Teacher asked him to stand up. The boy stood up. “Tell Almighty God is the third of three”. Young Kharki was reluctant. He didn’t obey. He kept mum.

When the teacher went on to compel him continuously, the young kid burst out “No, my Lord Almighty is not three. He is only One”. This incident happened repeatedly almost every day. And the teacher began to beat the young kid ferociously. The kid’s mind was totally upset. He was totally confirmed that his thought was on the path of Truth. But the world around him was trying to teach him something else.

And one day it happened. That day, the teacher beat the young kid insanely; he could tolerate it no longer. The kid disappeared both from his home and the school. Even his parents had no idea of his whereabouts. They were very sorry for him. They were only praying for his coming back. They cried to the whole world. “If only our son came back. We don’t care whatever religion he has accepted.”

But the young Kharki was too much happy in the house of Imam Ali Rida(R) who was one of the greatest Imams of Ahlu Baith. By the grace of Allah the young kid has safely reached his house. Imam Ali Reda (R) accepted him as a younger one of his household and called him Maruf meaning Goodness. The young kid was brought up with utmost care and enlightened foresight of Imam Ali Rida(R). He knew beforehand that this young kid shall become one of the noted Folk of Allah. Imam Ali Rida (R) gave him all the training needed for his spiritual growth.

Days and years passed by. Now the lad has become a young man. After all these years he wished to meet his parents once again. He felt that they should be longing to meet him also. Young Maruf(R) made a journey to his old home. He reached there. Somebody asked from inside the house “Who has come”. “Your son Maruf”, he replied. “Which religion you have followed?” it was asked again. Maruf(R) answered “I am on the same path of Muhammed the Messenger of Allah (S)”. He could clearly hear the voice of his parents “Then we also believe in the Lord of Prophet Muhammed(S), and we believe Muhammed(S) is the Messenger of Almighty God”. The old door of his family house was opened in front of him at once. Both his parents accepted Islam there itself at the young hands of Maruf (R) who later came to be renowned as Sayyid Maruf al Kharki (R) in later years.

Ali Askar Mahboobi