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Sheikh Maruf Kharki(R) and Youth

One day Sheikh Maruf al Kharki(R) and disciples were passing along a way. Meanwhile they happened to meet a group of youth a little far from their way. They were going to the cross the famous River Tigris via a wooden boat. They were seen totally jolly and elated. All of them were inebriated with drink, camouflaging and calling in loud voices. They looked too much happy.

Sheikh’s disciples felt too much uneasy about their presence. They wanted to make all the way passed by their Sheikh calm and quiet one. They requested their Master.

“Oh sheikh, can you pray Almighty God that their boat shall turn upside down midway to the bank of river, and all of them shall drown in the river.”

They thought the world shall get rid of such a group and their nuisance. But Sheikh hearkened to their request and kept silent for a while. He was thinking in another away. Sheikh asked them to pray with him. He raised his hands to the heavens. “Oh, Lord of all worlds, you gave happiness to this group of youth in this world, kindly grant them happiness Hereafter also.”

Undoubtedly all the disciples prayed with their Sheikh and uttered Ameen. But nobody could understand what was in his mind. Anyway they moved on a little while more. After some time, they happened to see the very group of youth face to face across their path. Now the group faced Sheikh, and they could see him straight in front of them.

Suddenly all their loud noises came down to silence. All the joy and elation came to a stop. All the bottles of wine and liquor were thrown away instantly. All the drums and horn they were playing fell down from their hands. In no time each one of them looked in utmost respect and reverence to Sheikh Maruf al Kharkhi(R). Sheikh began to speak them. He wished glad tidings of Hereafter for those who live on the path of goodness, and threatened of Hell for those who disobey the commands of Almighty God and His Messenger.

No sooner, each one of them repented at the hands of Sheikh Maruf al Kharki(R). They went to become the best ones of Sheikh’s disciples.

Now Sheikh Maruf al Kharki turned to his old disciples.

“You wanted to get rid of the badness of this youth. Your prayer has been fulfilled, but nobody had drowned. But all of them lived, and will live in the path of Almighty God.” So all of you bow down in praise of Almighty God. They all bowed down.

Ali Askar Mahboobi