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Pilgrims To The Shrine Of Gnostic Spheres

What a pity! For they are striving for a forty percent pass mark and a cloak woven off hell fire. They could lecture and write volumes in black and white for what “ilm” is. Throughout this journey, I went past quiet a lot of lanterns which were bright for the moment – only capable to spit out black soot when the oil it squeezed from the tons of books went off. I always get amused by the pole star. For eons, its smooth light enlightened the hearts, surely not the eyes of the righteous to their destiny. They are the pilgrims to the shrine of gnostic spheres, the drifting treasure hunters of the 18000 worlds.

Those indebted to pen and paper have made many new entries to the registry of Arif’s and Alim’s. They have boasted a lot of the books they read and include referential quotes as condiments for their scholarship. But there comes a time in the life of a man where such a scholastic approach to ilm is of no use at all. Memories fade at that moment to make them mules with a load of books on their back. Imam Ghazzali(R.A) considered as the epitome of such a scholastic ilm later advocated for ‘ilm’ pure from any sort of letters, symbols or alphabets.

My thoughts flashed with the brightness of pure souls – who never knew how to read a book but had become the book for the righteous themselves. The prince of prophets (S.A.W) and his adherent companions system of fusing the ‘ilm’ came to my mind as a single unread chapter.

Even prophet Musa (A.S) who had Thowrath revealed to him had to set off in search of Khidr’s (A.S) world of ilm. Khidr (A.S) life could never be traced if it had not been mentioned in the noble book. Yet it remains over shadowed by the main stream. Khidr (A.S) lives only to be recognized by the Sufis. Same was the world of Ali (R.A) who pointed to himself saying Muawiya’s (R.A) team has still not read the living Quran. Ever wanted to bridge the gap between these two worlds…the gap is between the ones who read the word and the one who bears the word and becomes the word.

Allah’s ‘ilm’ gets revealed to purest of the pure hearts. Allah who taught a shepherd his ‘ilm’ also taught it to Sultan- Suleiman (A.S) .The veils of misconception should be raised to see the reality. There hidden in the shadows of the bustling rumbling din of main stream world where the Murabbies- always cleaning and purifying their souls.

The lord of prophets (S.A.W) is the Noor- the light of all lights. It is the source as well as the destiny of all lights. No souls attain purity without this Noor. The hearts of the gnostic are forever filled by this ilm. Those who seek this are fostered and brought up by them. They are called Murabbies in the sense that they are foster parents for the seekers of ilm. The ‘ilm’ is two verses. The Murabbi has only to offer these verses. The seekers attain eternal bliss once they get these verses, since it is the original source of everything. The depth and vastness of these verses can never be fathomed- a life span gets so short for it.

Still the certificate holders of various universities are busy using these two verses for shouting slogans and organizing Ulema meetings and evening stage programs for the sake of their wallets and prestige.

Those two verses are:” La ilaha illaha Muhammadurasulullah”

Arshad Ibrahim Sulthani