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My child, Be a “BADRIYY”

With the ocean roaring louder,

And the countless stars shining in the horizon,

When the silence is closer,

And the waves flow upon the scree,

As the soul flies into the horizons,

And finds its way to the “presence”,

The presence of the Peer,

Where the graces shower,

And ecstasy of gnosis delights

Peer embraces it (soul) into his heart,

With a smile on his face,

A smile so radiant that it could light up the universe,

A smile that helps me breathe,

Here one truly begins to discover himself,

And nurture oneself into meek in delight of sacrifice,

Here one sets his journey in the true way towards the profound destination.

When the Peer began to talk, the silence was broken into flow

Speaking to the depths of heart, deeper and deeper-

Hazrath spoke of “BADR”,

“BADR” is not just the name of a terrain,

And nor is it just the name of a battle.

On the contrary, “BADR” is a name of the revolution,

An inevitable revolution that must happen in one’s life,

Companions of Prophet(s) confronted a well-armed foe, with no weapons-

But the valiant ability of unflinching faith they possessed.

They were served by the Angels from the Almighty Himself, not the man-made armaments.

Peer withheld his silence for a moment, and asked;

“How does “BADR” happen in someone?”

“How does a “BADRIYY” form out?”

Listener bestirred and sharpened himself,

“‘’BADR” is a full-moon, “BADR” is Hazrath prophet(s)”,

“Oh prophet, Thou have been sent as mercy upon the universe,

Thou shine brighter in the midst of darkness,

And elate us with the eternal bliss

Thou, the most elegant that could ever be seen anywhere”

Hazrath continues,

There, a “BADRIYY” is born, when the “full-moon” evoked in to soul.

There a “BADRIYY” is born, when every heartbeat and breath turns to “Muhammad Rasooloullahi”.

There, a warrior of “BADR” emerges, when his motions and actions are converted to be “Muhammad Rasoolullahi”.

Where upon one becomes triumphant in battling evils with the help of angels,

This is how each warrior is born in BADR.

And hence, Hazrath Usman (r) is a BADRIYY despite the fact that Hazrath never participated in battle.

“Ya Allah, should this small group of my companions whither here today, there shall be no one left on this earth to worship Thee and spread your message onto this world.”

Peer reminded about this prayer of prophet (s)

“My child, listen to me with your heart opened.”

“Be yourself a ‘BADRIYY’, Be that your aim of being ”

Hazrath concluded.

Disciple walked back with delighted heart, filled with salvation and fragrance.

The fearsome rumble of ocean felt for him as he is in terrain of “BADR”.

He realized, devil lures him with docile luxury and tempts him with bewitching eroticism.

“My child, be a ‘BADRIYY’”

It led him in this perilous moment.

He realized, here “BADR” befalls and the drumbeat resounds

Here the battle begins and warriors are born.

Here “Muhammad Rasoolullahi” communicates to the breath and heartbeat.

Peer smiled from miles away,

He entrusted everything there and set his journey to the arena,

Arena of “BADR”, The “BADR” of life;

“My child, Be a ‘BADRIYY’“

He cherished it in his heart and it resonated there.


Translated by Arif Sulthani