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Who is Muhibh?

Sheikh Aboobacker Kathani(r) spoke of a gathering of some Sufis in Makkah during a Hajj season. Amongst them was Junaid-ul-Baghdadi(r), the youngest of the lot. Once, whilst discussing about Mahabbath-e-Ilahi and being a “Muhib” (One who loves Allah), everyone in the group was expressing their views about the topic except Junaid-ul-Baghdadi(r), who kept his silence. 

Noticing his quietness about the discussion, everybody in the group stared at him and asked him to share his point of view about being a “Muhib”. Upon which Hzt. Junaid(r) lowered his head and broke into tears and then said, “One who loves Allah is someone who is completely free from selfish thoughts and worries, one who is always connected to Allah with constant Dhikr and one who sees Allah with his heart after fulfilling the complete obligations to the Almighty. 

The majestic illumination of Allah has enlightened him. Only Dhikrullah can keep him calm and peaceful. When he talks, Allah will be his language. Not even a slightest motion will happen from him, unless it is in favor of Allah’s way. When one reaches this caliber, the luxuries and rites of material world will cease to exist for him making it impossible to turn him away from his path or listen to someone who is engaged in criticizing and laughing at him.

Shamla Sulthana

Translated by Arif Sulthani